AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer (Remote Desktop Application) – Detailed Comparison

The idea behind a remote desktop software or OS is that it permits the desktop environment of a PC to run remotely on one system whilst being displayed on a discrete client machine or device. Different remote desktop solutions have different features and utilities on offer, thus, one might be a touch better than the other one.

Today, we have come up with a head to head comparison of the top remote access software namely TeamViewer and AnyDesk so that you can decide on the software that would match your set of requirements. Further, to make sure you get the best remote desktop service, we have compared the two services on every single aspect that a user reviews such as speed, security, and accessibility.

So, first of all, we should get to know a bit about the two major remote desktop applications so that we get to understand the detailed comparison in a better manner.

AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer – Introduction

Predominantly, AnyDesk has been intended for Windows users. The prominent aspect of AnyDesk is that its functional speed is pretty fast when compared with other remote desktop software available online. This is the reason why AnyDesk is moreover called the fastest remote desktop software on the market as yet. One more reason why AnyDesk is becoming popular is that it defends your data by a top-level encryption algorithm.

On the other hand, TeamViewer has long been the most popular remote desktop application and is used all over the world by a majority of people. During the development phase, the TeamViewer developers ensured that there shouldn’t be any breach in the security of the user’s data. Additionally, it comes with the most easy-to-access user interface, which is the reason for its popularity.


Taking compatibility into consideration, TeamViewer can be used on any operating system. However, AnyDesk would not function in Android and iOS. AnyDesk remote desktop has been designed for the users of Windows OS, which is the reason why AnyDesk doesn’t face any lag when used on Windows. Supporting mobile clients could be tough whilst using AnyDesk; however, TeamViewer is fairly capable of getting that done. Therefore, on grounds of compatibility, TeamViewer can be rated higher.


In case you use AnyDesk, then it could be difficult for you to offer the admin privileges to the software, which isn’t asked by TeamViewer. So as to utilize the AnyDesk system features, the user requires logging in to the administrator account or else you can’t use it. Therefore, taking accessibility into consideration, the TeamViewer is the clear winner.


In terms of security, without any doubt, AnyDesk would be the front-runner. AnyDesk is completely functional for Windows, which is the reason why AnyDesk delivers high-level security to its users. However, it doesn’t signify that TeamViewer doesn’t offer any security. TeamViewer also offers a decent level of protection to the user by encoding their passwords as well as data. Further, AnyDesk stores your data files in an account where it is completely encrypted.

Power Usage

Coming to power consumption, AnyDesk uses a lot of power in comparison to TeamViewer. Though, if you have a computer system, then you may proficiently utilize AnyDesk. The CPU power usage is the primary issue faced by several users, which is going to matter in the software lists. Therefore, you should make it a point and utilize TeamViewer.


In terms of speed, there isn’t any match to AnyDesk. In case you use Windows as the operating system, then you may easily distinguish how fast speed does AnyDesk offer and significantly beats TeamViewer. However, the speed of the TeamViewer can’t be considered as a lagging one but it just can’t beat AnyDesk. Thus, AnyDesk is the clear winner when it comes to operating or functional speed.


As we have concluded the comprehensive comparison amongst AnyDesk and TeamViewer, we hope now you can easily make your decision. In case you are having a Windows PC and would be able to offer the required power to the PC whenever required then you should certainly use AnyDesk. However, if you want to use remote desktop software in Mac OS, Linux, or any other OS, then using TeamViewer would be a decent bet. Then again, you should note that considering the security and speed the AnyDesk remote desktop software is superior to TeamViewer.