How to Download AnyDesk on Windows 10

Need the fastest and easily accessible remote desktop application for your Windows 10 PC or laptop? AnyDesk is one of the fastest remote desktop application available on the market. It facilitates innovative usage setups and applications that just haven’t been conceivable with the prevailing remote desktop applications available online.

Using AnyDesk, you may access every single program, files, documents, and folders remotely from any place having a stable internet connection, deprived of having to assign the information to any cloud facility. To get set and go, you need to download and open the 1.2 MB setup file and there isn’t any configuration necessary to put in place. So, just sit back and relax whilst we tell you more about AnyDesk for Windows.

Any Desk for Windows 10: Top Features & Specs

Below we have described all the top-end features that have been incorporated in AnyDesk for Windows 10:


Latency at the lowest possible level is critical for working on a remote desktop. The lower the latency, the quicker the remote PC responds to your input. Since internet connections always impose a certain latency when transmitting data from one PC to the other, it is very important that It adds as little as possible to the bill. In local networks, the program latency lies below 60 milliseconds and is no longer perceptible.


AnyDesk comes with the capability to transmit 60fps on the local networks and several other sorts of internet connections. This frame rate is really ahead of any other remote desktop software on the market and a majority of PC displays also function at 60fps, which makes lag-free working promising.


Overlook low consistency and dreary firewall configs, you may use your PC from anyplace without any problem. The session might go on for 5 minutes or even 5 hours, but you would not notice any lag for sure. The personalized AnyDesk-ID is vital to access your desktop comprising the installed apps, documents, photos, and folders.


In case remote desktop software is being utilized over an internet connection, the maximum possible bandwidth efficacy is the determining factor. This is particularly true for smartphone internet connections such as UMTS. AnyDesk’s bandwidth competence makes it likely to achieve office tasks glibly from 100 kB/sec of accessible bandwidth. But moreover, with minor bandwidths, this software still does much better than the other options in the queue.


Breaks in the stream and the low frame­rate might be such an annoyance. This is the reason why we choose to do away with them. Having AnyDesk for PC, setting up a new printer on your colleague’s system or installing that latest CRM tool for the sales division would be really easy to perform.


Do you resist assigning your company’s vital information with an external cloud package solely to support collaboration? It permits the users to work in unison with the software available on your desktop. The feature such as a mouse cursor for all users is going to cement your squad together, irrespective of the distance.

How to Install AnyDesk on Windows 10?

There can be plenty of ways in which we can make the AnyDesk Remote Desktop Application run on our Windows PC or laptop. One of them has been described below for your assistance:

Note: You must download and install the application programs solely from the retail website and trusted publishers.

  • Primarily, you need to open your desired Web Browser to download the installation file.
  • You may log on to the official website of AnyDesk to download the installation file.
  • Choose the Save or Save as option to download the setup file.
  • In case you choose the Save option, the setup file is going to be saved in the Downloads folder.
  • Else, if you choose the Save as option, you can select where you need to save the installation file.
  • Following the download of AnyDesk software, double click on the .exe file to launch the installation procedure.
  • Then, you need to follow the guidelines or instructions of the windows installer.
  • Click on the Finish button when the installation is completed.
  • After that, the desktop icon of AnyDesk Remote Desktop Application will appear.
  • Click on the AnyDesk icon on your desktop to launch the application program.